• Sheeba Sen, India

    Sheeba Sen

    A lawyer by education and training, Sheeba studied International Relations at the London School of Economics, followed by the Legal Practice course at the University of Oxford. She practiced at an international law firm in London for three years before returning to India in 2011, driven by a strong need to devote her life in service of the underprivileged in her country. Pulled towards the Himalayas, she visited a remote mountain village in 2012. It took just one visit to Satoli, and Sheeba knew that this was where she wanted to set-up her life, living amongst and working for rural mountain communities. For the next 3.5 years she was associated with a local rural development organization called Aarohi. Later, as the CEO of the organization, she expanded Aarohi’s funder and volunteer base and helped develop their education outreach initiatives. She left Aarohi in December 2015 with a desire to work more closely with remote communities. Alaap was borne out of this need. Founded in March 2016, Alaap is a grassroots organization based in rural Himalayas. Its mission is to regenerate and conserve the indigenous forests of the Himalayas through community mobilization, advocacy and scientific techniques. Weaved in are initiatives that create opportunities for context-based education and sustainable livelihoods. Sheeba is the Executive Head of Alaap.

  • Jorge Lopez-Doriga, Peru

    Jorge Lopez-Doriga

    Jorge is the Chief Communication and Sustainability Officer at AJE Group in Peru, with more than 25 years of experience in sustainability and marketing management. AJE, which is a family-owned Peruvian beverage company, is one of the top 5 Latin American multinational corporations, with operations in 28 countries across Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Previously, he was VP of Marketing at Sony BMG for Latin America, Spain, and Portugal, as well as Executive Director for BuenaVista Home Entertainment (Disney) in Europe. Jorge is also a Zen Master (Ryusho sensei) from the Zen River Temple in the Netherlands, and the resident instructor at Zen River Lima and Madrid. Jorge has received transmissions of Lama Dzogchen from Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Bhutan and has been recognized as GNH Ambassador by the Prime Minister of Bhutan, as well as Protector of Machu Picchu.

  • Iago Hairon, Brazil

    Iago Hairon

    Iago is a social scientist and climate activist who loves every movement that connects us with nature. He was Global Board Member at Plant-For-The-Planet from 2013-2014. He’s had the honor of participating in the Climate Leadership Corps and being trained as a climate leader by Al Gore, together with other global climate leaders. He’s also participated in several international conferences, including Rio+20, the Latin American Forum on Sustainable Development, and the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 25th United Nations Climate Change Conferences. Today, he is one of the general coordinators of Engajamundo, a youth-led NGO with the mission of making young Brazilians aware that by changing themselves and their environment/community, and by engaging politically, they can transform their realities. He is also a Climate Campaigner at Greenpeace Brazil, Vice-President of Plant-For-The-Planet Brazil, and one of the Young Changemakers for Democracy recognized by Ashoka.

  • Chrishen Gomez, Malaysia

    Chrishen Gomez

    Chrishen, born and bred in the city of Selangor, first found his most uncommon love for the natural world during his family’s trips to Malaysia’s majestic islands. The fan to this flame was undoubtedly the 4 years he spent in Sarawak while attaining his undergraduate degree in Resource Biotechnology. There, he came into contact with the pristine Bornean forests, home to an incredible biodiversity of flora and fauna. Since then, conservation and science have taken center stage in all his endeavors. The marriage of these two passions has found its home in his current profession as a wildlife biologist. Chrishen manages the Bornean Carnivore Programme in Tawau Hills Park, in Sabah, his home, which he shares with native Malaysian communities. Chrishen is preparing to begin a PhD program in Wildlife Research and Conservation at Oxford University in 2020. He strongly believes that every young person has the responsibility and mission of tackling the Earth’s most pressing issues head-on. He hopes to inspire others to make bold decisions and stand up for issues that matter.

  • Oliver Salge, Brazil

    Oliver Salge

    Oliver has worked over the last 20 years with Greenpeace Forest Campaign, aiming to halt deforestation and forest degradation in order to protect biodiversity and to mitigate climate change. In this period, he has partnered with various indigenous and local communities around the world, which lives and cultural expression have been threatened by logging or infrastructure projects. Among them, where the Saami people in Finland, the First Nations at the Canadian west coast or Indigenous peoples in Brazil. Since 2014, Oliver works with Greenpeace Brazil as international Amazon Campaign Coordinator and leads the All eyes On the Amazon Project for Greenpeace. Oliver is a German citizen and lives in Sao Paulo (Brazil) with his son and wife.